Throne of Grace Bible College

Ministry in today's world requires a wide and varied set of skills, as well as a strong knowledge of scripture and theology. Throne of Grace Bible College is committed to equipped each student with the tools necessary for success. The college proudly ensures that each student will have the tools it takes to be fully equipped to meet the demands of active ministry inside and outside of the church. Students will be challenged to grow spiritually through our unique interactive learning system, which seeks to integrate faith and learning, based on the Word of God!

Students from all walks of life are choosing to attend Throne of Grace Bible College, and there are plenty of good reasons why. The college proudly focuses on the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ, God's grace, and His plan of salvation for everyone. Although we include various textbooks, e-books, and other sources to assist our students, the Bible is, and always will be, used foremost as the authoritative Word of God.

Compared to other colleges, our school's tuition makes earning a degree financially attainable. We want our students to graduate and impact the world for Jesus Christ. We make this a reachable goal by keeping our registration and tuition fees as low as possible.