Musicians For Christ Discography

Can't You See the Signs? CD Cover

Can't You See The Signs?

  1. Introduction – Dr. Roy Anderson
  2. Can't You See the Signs
  3. speaker
  4. We Need Your Blessings
  5. Lord, I Want To Be A Christian speaker
  6. Lead Me, Guide Me speaker
  7. We Have Come into This Housespeaker
  8. Alright With Jesus
  9. Leave It There
  10. Good Time In Heaven
  11. Standing on the Rock
  12. Oh The Blood
  13. All On The Altar
  14. The Lord's Been Good
  15. Song of Praise
  16. So Many Falling by the Wayside
  17. I'm Free
  18. Oh, How I Love Jesus
  19. I Love to Praise Him
  20. Show Some Signs (REMIX)
Good Time in Heaven CD Cover

Good Time in Heaven!

  1. Good Time in Heaven speaker
  2. Leave It Therespeaker
  3. Oh The Blood
  4. All On The Altarspeaker
  5. Leaning on Jesus
  6. The Anointing
  7. God Has a Blessingspeaker
  8. Can't Nobody
  9. The Lord's Been Good speaker
  10. Mind My Own Business (bonus track)
Amazing Grace CD Cover

Amazing Grace

  1. Standing On the Rock speaker
  2. He Didn't Have to Do Itspeaker
  3. O, How I Love Jesus
  4. Amazing Gracespeaker
  5. Throne of Grace Prayer
  6. So Many Falling By the Way Sidespeaker
  7. Get Right With Godspeaker
  8. He Brought Joy
  9. My Soul Says Yes
  10. Lord, We Need Your Blessings
  11. My Song of Praise
  12. I'm Free Remix
Managing Your Crisis CD Cover

Managing Your Crisis

Managing Your Crisis 1 Samuel 30:1-8
Trusting God in Difficult Times Psalms 56:1-11

Keep Me Lord Keep Me CD Cover

Keep Me, Lord, Keep Me

  1. Worship Himspeaker
  2. Praise the Lord Everybodyspeaker
  3. O, I Want to See Himspeaker
  4. Alright With Jesusspeaker
  5. Keep Me, Lord, Keep Mespeaker
  6. I Love to Praise Himspeaker
  7. No, Not Onespeaker
  8. Try Jesusspeaker
Live! in Charlotte CD Cover

Rev. M.H. Russell
Live! From Charlotte, NC, from Throne of Grace Baptist Church

"Faith" Stronger Than Fears Daniel 3:17